Dragon Scale White Snake Electric Guitar & Bass Strap & Accessories Package

  • $29.99

Dragon Scale Straps are specifically tailored for your comfort. The 3 inch width is designed to widen the load across your shoulder and is accompanied by an added layer of padding finished with smooth Nylon! These straps are made to be worn for hours on end to let your focus be on the music. This package included two metal strap locks, 9 gauge and 10 gauge Dragon Scale electric guitar strings, 5 Dragon Scale picks (one of each thickness). Look and Feel like a Rock Star with this Dragon Scale Accessories package. 

-Comfort - The 3 inch width and add layers of padding and finishing make this strap insanely comfortable!

- Quick Adjustment- A sleek nylon length adjuster for quick and easy adjustments! 64 inch full length.

- Guitar Strings - A set of 9 gauge and 10 gauge Dragon Scale electric guitar strings!

- Strap Locks- A pair of metal strap locks to ensure that your strap never slips off the guitar!

- Guitar Picks- 5 Dragon Scale Guitar picks one of each thickness .46mm, .71mm, .88mm, 1mm, 1.2mm.