Guitar Strap Lock Chrome Plated Straplock Button for All Acoustic Electric Bass Easy Fix & Remove Screw drop ship

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1.The chrome-plated strap lock system replaces your original strap pegs without any guitar modification. Just attach it to your strap, and screw securely into locking position.

2.Flat head strap lock, suitable for all kinds of electric guitars

3.Easy to install, convenient to use

4.Each guitar needs two strap locks

5. 1X Guitar Strap lock included


Release the fastening nut from the strap lock, screw in the pin on the guitar

Make sure the pin is tightened, then lock the strap to the strap lock button

Insert the fastening nut into the strap lock.

Type: strap lock
Color: Black, Gold, Silver
Package included: 1x Guitar strap lock

Material: Copper alloy with chrome plating

Estimated Delivery Time :15 to 30 Days